Sperax USD

0.21 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 4,505,790
Volume 24h
$ 674,806
Circulating Supply
USDs is a hybrid of crypto-collateralized and algorithmic stablecoins. It is highly scalable, trustless, and will be completely decentralized after the launch of the governance protocols. - SPA will be central to the stability mechanism of USDs, which is fully on-chain. - USDs will further invest its collateral in other audited decentralised projects like Curve to generate yields and will pass on that yield to holders of USDs. - USDs holders (HODLers) would directly earn the yield in their wallets. USDs acts as a low cost efficient and relatively less risky was to benefit from DeFi. USDs will be launched on Arbitrum and we eventually build a system of interoperability to facilitate USDs on other major blockchains.
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