Herbalist Token

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October 31, 2018
Market Cap
$ 16,656
Volume 24h
$ 10,181
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
We protect Rare Herb Farmers using Blockchain technology and make Rare Herbs accessible to everyone by creating a Farmer to Consumer Marketplace. Herbalist Token Project is going to solve expensive rare herbs problem by building a blockchain integrated marketplace that will bring the farmers and the buyers together. In our platform, any farmer is going to be able list their products and find buyers around the globe easily and quickly. This will • eliminate the intermediaries, • cut the unnecessary costs, • increase the profit of the growers, • decrease the price of the product for the customers and • make the rare herbs more accessible to everyone. Herbalist Token Project offers a new platform to cut the costs and give farmers an opportunity to sell their products directly to the consumers.

Lider Token Project

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