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November 18, 2014
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GlowShares is a cryptocurrency that enables anyone with an internet connection to make money transactions without third-party intermediation. Anonymous, decentralized voting on the blockchain makes it easy for the community to form a consensus on important issues regarding the future of GSX. Secure, transparent, tamper-proof, and viewable 24 hours a day. GSX is the only coin that brings together its community with voting on the blockchain. Predefined rules govern and enforce the voting process, putting the coin in the hands of the holders. Voting in a real world scenario is flawed. Decentralizing it, making it trustless and transparent on the blockchain, fixes those fundamental flaws. Human nature is the weakest link and vote fraud and lack of transparency is rampant everywhere. GlowShares remove these from the equation and is a proof of concept.

Lider Token Project

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