FNDZ Token

0.17 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 1,393,440
Volume 24h
$ 71,459
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
The FNDZ is the token Governance of the FNDZ Platform which will be a DAO. Whoever owns the Governance token will in future be part of the decisions concerning the DeFi protocol. Furthermore, the FNDZ Token will have uses in the FNDZ platform. FNDZ consists of an ecosystem of traders interacting via the FNDZ Platform and the FNDZ Token. Its goal is to create a transparent and decentralized environment for successful traders as well as their personal networks, followers, and supporters FNDZ's motto is ""Copy trading made easy"" and want be the world’s best DeFi copy trading platform that makes copy/social trading possible from a truly decentralized angle. Through the FNDZ platform, you will be able to copy your favorite and best-performing trader without ever having to monitor the markets 24/7. Through the FNDZ platform, you actually own your assets and have them safely stored in your personal Metamask wallet.
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