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Dragon Crypto Gaming (DCG), a Game-Fi platform which offers NFTs, play-to-earn games and yield farming.Our NFT project, Tiny Dragons (https://tinydragon.games/) saw all 1000 NFTs sold out in under 1 minutes. You can now use these Tiny Dragons to fight in the Arena using DCAU. DCAU will contain our first text-based play-to-earn RPG game.The initial supply of $DCAU is ~55k tokens, and is hard capped at 155k tokens. On this layer, the community will be able to see partner NFTs joining the Tiny Dragons Arena, auto-compounding vaults, and our very own in-game NFT marketplace to accompany our main RPG text based game. ALL of these features will help to burn $DCAU and create multiple revenue streams for the platform. We are pushing ourselves to do even better as we progress through our roadmap which will eventually reach the final stage, layer 4, the permanent layer. As DCG advances to layer 4, we will launch a slew of exciting game updates, and optimize its integrated play-to-earn and yield farming ecosystem. Join us for the ride!
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