Cola Token

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$ 8,800,510
Volume 24h
$ 1,221,160
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Colawork enables companies to build strong company cultures based on their core values by providing a software-as-a-service that incentivizes employee recognition and engagement. The software can be used to boost company culture through peer recognition feature provided on various digital workspace softwares. By installing Colawork service on work messenger tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, employees can start recognizing colleagues based on performances. Colawork incentivizes peer recognition by providing a reward program to employees. Employees can earn COLA token based on their peer recognition activities. Colawork also provides accurate and objective employee data based on the usage of employee’s collaboration software tools. By examining employee’s recognition activities, Colawork analyzes and provides quantitative data of employees to company executives. Colawork offers a new type of employee benefits that suits the modern working lifestyle of remote work. Through Colawork, employers can provide benefits based on employee’s contribution online with the access to employee analytics data.
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