Cake Monster

7.53 %
Change 24h

Market Cap
$ 120,891,000
Volume 24h
$ 721,615
Circulating Supply
"Cake Monster is the first DeFi protocol in the world to implement Gravity Vaults. Cake Monster is a deflationary protocol and uses the ticker $MONSTA. It uses transaction tax to buy $CAKE and continually add it to the Gravity Vault. When the minimum supply of 1 million $MONSTA is reached, all holders can claim their $CAKE from the Gravity Vault. As the protocol runs, people can earn $MONSTA by a process called ""Cake Making"" by interacting with the app. People can also earn $CAKE periodically as the supply decreases, we call these ""Crumbs"". Come join the fun!"

Lider Token Project

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