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Blockcloud, a new approach that combines the advantages of Service-centric Networking (SCN) and blockchain to empower IoT. In Blockcloud, SCN forms the underlying physical network that provides connectivity, mobility and scalability. The blockchain logically operates on top of SCN to provide decentralized trust, security, fairness and economic incentive. An blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP architecture connecting every dots of your life. The Blockcloud ICO and BLOC Token offer a solution to the challenges of scalability and trust stifling the growth of the IoT sector. On a traditional IoT network, most platforms provide a centralized server to aggregate all connected devices, data, and services. Such structuring ultimately creates barriers to scaling through high-bandwidth consumption and a centralized point of failure. As a solution to these problems, Blockcloud propose an incentive-driven protocol for IoT services, architected for scalability and security, that will form the foundation of a viable ecosystem of interconnected smart devices. Blockcloud contend that blockchain technology offers the most viable means to introduce the mechanisms for incentivization and trust necessary for a functional IoT ecosystem. The protocol will include an application-layer overlay on top of the underlying network of connected devices, utilizing Service-Centric Networking (SCN). In essence, Service-Centric Networks (SCN) provide the mechanisms required to deploy replicated service instances across a distributed network, routing client requests (i.e. from IoT connected devices) to the closest instance while maintaining the most efficient usage of the network infrastructure. The Blockcloud ICO offers a well-positioned project targeting the rapidly growing IoT industry. The domain expertise of the team and track record of success lend a high degree of credibility to their proposed solution for a decentralized IoT ecosystem. With a long list of partnerships and strong community support for an early stage project, the Blockcloud ICO is showing signs of a bright future ahead.

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